Testimonials | The Plaza Rehabilitation & Health Care Center

What truly makes us unique is our people: our residents, their families and our staff. Below are written accounts from some of our own who help to make The Plaza a great place to live.

"Plaza is a unique place. You get a world view experience because of diversity. The staff works hard to care for the residents. It is home for me"
Kimberly M., Resident

"The staff is kind and very competent. I have been at several facilities, and the care that I am receiving here is quality."
Monroe N., Resident

"The longer I stay the more it feels like home. I really enjoy my stay here and my view is great".
Willie May L., Resident

"The people are nice and the food is great. They facility is clean and homelike to me."
Duane S., Resident

"The people are great. The staff and other residents really care about us as individuals."
Samuel C., Resident

"Everybody is really nice and no one ever fails to answer my questions."
Carolyn R., Resident

"I know angels work at Plaza Manor because they took care of my angel (wife).”
Earl C., Family of resident

"It has been my pleasure to connect with the other residents at Plaza Manor. From the medical staff to the nursing staff, I have been blessed with really great people around me with a great prayer of serenity.“
Brian N., Resident

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